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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Privacy & Personal Information
Does the NAI opt-out stop spam, junk mail, or pop-ups?


The NAI opt-out tool covers only member companies’ use of cookies to target advertising based on users’ web browsing.

We do not maintain opt-out programs for postal or electronic mail, text messages, or for pop-ups.
For more information about controlling spam and email preferences visit the FTC website.

Does the NAI opt-out stop cross-app advertising on my mobile device?

The NAI opt-out page will set opt-out cookies for the browser you used to access the webpage. This does not cover the cross-app advertising that you normally see across your apps. To opt-out of such types of advertising, please see the settings on your mobile device.

Can Interest-Based Advertising information be used for non-marketing purposes?

NAI members and the online advertising industry as a whole have also pledged not to use information gathered for Interest-Based Advertising to decide if you’re eligible for employment, health insurance, or credit. In fact, the NAI prohibits its companies from using this information for several non-marketing purposes.

Are viruses and spyware a risk of cookies?

No. Cookies are not software, and cannot run as programs on your computer. Cookies cannot read or examine the data on your computer or alter its settings in any way. Still, you should always take precautions to ensure your devices are protected. More information about computer security.

Do these FAQs address every business practice and technology used by NAI member companies?

Our goal is to share information about some common ways that NAI members engage in interest-based advertising. Through brief, easy-to-read summaries and simple diagrams, we hope to teach consumers how interest-based advertising generally works when a user visits a website and how cross-app advertising works when a user visits an app. We don't cover every variation in business practices, and given how rapidly technologies change, we can’t promise that the site will always reflect the latest techniques used for interest-based advertising.  Please check back for updates as we add more information. To submit feedback on our site, please click here.